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Defending Paris Jackson’s “Rolling Stone” Interview!

By: Jonathan Bickford The King of Pop’s only daughter, Paris Jackson, spoke out in an explosive new interview with “Rolling Stone” magazine.  Paris, an aspiring model, made several statements in the article that have been quoted all over the news and talk show circuit this week.  One of the most interesting parts of the interview… Continue reading Defending Paris Jackson’s “Rolling Stone” Interview!

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Fifth Harmony – “That’s My Girl” Music Video Reaction!

Today, American girl group, Fifth Harmony, released their new music video for the third single from their second album, “7/27.”  The music video for, “That’s My Girl,” is all about girl power.  Gone are the shirtless guys from their last music videos for, “Work From Home,” and “All In My Head (Flex),” which should please… Continue reading Fifth Harmony – “That’s My Girl” Music Video Reaction!


My Love/Hate Relationship With Facebook Memories!

ALEXEY BOLDIN / SHUTTERSTOCK.COM A couple of years ago, Facebook saw the success of  an app called Timehop and decided to create their own version.  It is known as Facebook Memories as well as “On This Day.”  This handy feature will show you all of the past posts from your Facebook History for each given… Continue reading My Love/Hate Relationship With Facebook Memories!

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“American Horror Story” Season 6 Reaction!

Can you believe it’s season 6 already?  All of the lead up to the season premiere of “American Horror Story” has been very open ended and conflicting.  This week we learned it has all been a perfect illusion, Lady Gaga reference.  All of the trailers and promotions up to this point have been misleading on… Continue reading “American Horror Story” Season 6 Reaction!

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The Rebirth Of Lady Gaga!

It happened quite slowly, but Lady Gaga has completely reinvented her image and gave rebirth to her career.  Way back in 2013 many fans were upset after Lady Gaga’s 4th studio album, the underrated ARTPOP, failed to match the success of her prior albums in terms of sales and critical acclaim.  It seemed as if many fans… Continue reading The Rebirth Of Lady Gaga!

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Healthy Tailgate Food Options!

Can you believe it’s football season already!?  I can already feel those warm Fall days and cool Fall nights.  Whether you are rooting for your favorite high school, college, or professional team, tailgating is a must this time of year.  Most of the food usually served at tailgating events can be pretty greasy and fattening.… Continue reading Healthy Tailgate Food Options!