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How Heidi and Spencer Went From Enemies To Allies On “Celebrity Big Brother!”

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, Photo Credit: Channel 5

By: Jonathan Bickford (@jonathanohhey)

It’s been four years since the last time Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, formally of “The Hills,” were in the Celebrity Big Brother UK house, but times have changed.  Last time around the married duo were an absolute terror to their fellow housemates; they did everything they could to antagonize and ruin their time in the house.  Their housemates had absolute disdain for them, but the British public loved all of the drama they caused.  When Heidi and Spencer, commonly known as Speidi, re-entered the house this series, people expected them to behave in the same way; nothing could be farther from what actually happened.

This time around Heidi and Spencer seemed determined to make friends and come off looking more like the good guys.  They even talked about the strategy in an interview with Big Brother where they said last time around the nice guy won and they lost.  Many people thought this was all an act until housemate James Jordan was evicted unexpectedly.  Heidi and Spencer were visibly upset and both even teared up after the shocking turn of events.  This was a brand new version of Speidi the British Public had never seen.  Their anger and mischief was replaced with kindness and laughter.

It wasn’t all happy times for the couple though as we saw them each have a few bumps in the road with certain housemates.  Kim Woodburn’s wild entrance into the house ruffled everyone’s feathers including Spencer’s.  They had a pretty iconic fight over having the door opened or closed.  You can check out the clip below.


It was in moments like this we seemed to see Spencer up to his old tricks in the house, but nothing set him and Heidi off like being given eternal nomination by beloved actor James Cosmo.  The move is still a mystery to many people including Speidi, who found it to be a calculated attack on them.  If this wouldn’t have happened, I truly believe Heidi and Spencer would still be in the house because the house would never have nominated them.  It is truly a shame that a player, who wouldn’t even participate in all of the challenges, would make such a bold move and statement against the wishes of the rest of the house.


It was at this exact point, see the clip above, Heidi and Spencer knew their hopes of winning were now over.  With voting costing a certain amount each time, it would be quite impossible to expect fans to be able to pay to vote many times when they were up for eviction during every single nomination.  After this shocking moment, Spencer was on the war path and ended up starting fights with Nicola, James C, and Colleen.  Most of these issues would end up being resolved, and the house returned to normalcy despite James C blowing up their game.

Early last week Heidi and Spencer became the 8th celebrities evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house in a surprise double elimination.  The couple took it in stride, but you knew they were very disappointed they weren’t able to pull off the victory this time around.  When asked by host Emma Willis why we saw a completely different Speidi this time around, the couple responded by explaining they couldn’t act the way they did last time in a house with people they actually liked and wanted to befriend.

I feel most viewers would agree we really enjoyed the version of Speidi we saw on the show this series.  Not only were they fun to watch, but they came off very likable as opposed to others on the show who did not.  Heidi and Spencer traded in their mischievous behavior and twisted games for real friendships and compassion.  It was a welcomed changed, and I hope to see a lot more of them in the future.  The show truly won’t be the same without them.

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