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Defending Paris Jackson’s “Rolling Stone” Interview!

Paris Jackson on the cover of “Rolling Stone.” Photo credit: David LaChapelle.

By: Jonathan Bickford

The King of Pop’s only daughter, Paris Jackson, spoke out in an explosive new interview with “Rolling Stone” magazine.  Paris, an aspiring model, made several statements in the article that have been quoted all over the news and talk show circuit this week.  One of the most interesting parts of the interview is when Paris settled the debate once and for all about who her biological father is.  She says Michael is her dad and that’s the end of the story.  Jackson goes on to say that family members and friends see so much of her father in her that it’s scary.

One of the more controversial statements from the incredibly personal interview is when Jackson describes herself as a “black woman.”  She says her father would look her in the eyes and say, “You are black, be proud of your roots.”  While many people have mixed feelings about a statement like this coming from someone who has light skin and blue eyes, I feel this is something very important to this young girl.  You have to understand that her entire family is African American besides her mother who is white.  There are many examples of children coming from mixed heritage who favor one of the races over the other.  I think it would be irresponsible for anyone to condemn a young girl who is trying to understand how she fits into society as well as her family.  I’m sure it isn’t an easy or fun experience that many mixed race children and adults face.

I must say I’m very proud of Paris for the person she is becoming.  She has struggled for many years and even tried to commit suicide multiple times.  If this interview does nothing else but prove to people that Paris is stronger than yesterday, I would consider this a win.  In our culture we are so quick to judge someone based on their past, family, and choices made, but sometimes we need to stand up and applaud people for the progress they have made.  Not only is Paris trying to grow as a person, she wants to use the platform she was born with to make a difference.  I must applaud this beautiful, strong young woman for how she has turned things around for herself.

Paris Jackson’s issue of “Rolling Stone” is available now.




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