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Fifth Harmony – “That’s My Girl” Music Video Reaction!

Photo credit: Epic Records

Today, American girl group, Fifth Harmony, released their new music video for the third single from their second album, “7/27.”  The music video for, “That’s My Girl,” is all about girl power.  Gone are the shirtless guys from their last music videos for, “Work From Home,” and “All In My Head (Flex),” which should please feminists out there.  The video sees the girls as rescue workers in some sort of disaster area.

All of the girls look incredible in their own unique ways; this is something that sets Fifth Harmony apart from other girl groups.  Each of the girls is so different and sports her own style which brings me to my next point.  This video reminds me of the Spice Girls in the best way.  There really hasn’t been a five piece girl group as popular as Fifth Harmony since the Spice Girls.  It’s so nice to see girl groups thriving in 2016; it had been a really long time coming for the once dominate sub-genre of pop music.

All in all, the video is an anthem for all the girls out there.  It’s main point and statement is, “girls can do anything they set their minds to.”  They can even save the world like Fifth Harmony if they really want to.  Also, can we talk about that “Camren” moment!?  Only true fans will understand what I mean.

Keep cranking out the hits girls!  We need at least 4 or 5 singles from, “7/27.”  Check out the music video below!  What do you think of the music video?  Leave a comment and let me know!


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