My Love/Hate Relationship With Facebook Memories!



A couple of years ago, Facebook saw the success of  an app called Timehop and decided to create their own version.  It is known as Facebook Memories as well as “On This Day.”  This handy feature will show you all of the past posts from your Facebook History for each given day.

For some people, this is a way to remember moments in their lives which brought them joy.  For parents, it is awesome to watch their kids grow up in pictures and remember special times they shared.  For couples, they get to see how their love story evolved and changed throughout their lives together.  For me, I get to re-witness all of my past mistakes and failures; this is especially troubling this of the year.  I won’t get into details, but I was an avid quote poster.  Most of the time i was looking for attention and posted the strangest things I could find to attain it.  The really sad part is, no one even liked or commented on hardly any of my statuses; obviously they could see right through my desperate attempts to gain their attention.  I constantly cringe as I go through my posts each day with only very little satisfaction in the fact I no longer post my every thought on Facebook.  That is where Twitter comes in handy.  Those tweets are easily forgotten unless you are crazy enough to scroll through several thousand.  I know people who would probably do that, but honestly my life is too boring to require that sort of effort.

Long story short, I’m sure those super popular people in high school who were living the time of their life love the feature; they get to relive their glory days for a few minutes each day.  I would bet they even share a good bit of the posts and still have the same profile picture from senior year.  Do I spot one of their senior pictures?  How much do you want to bet they look nothing like that anymore.  For those of us who still hope our glory days are in the future, this once again reminds us of our failures.

All in all, Facebook Memories is like that kid in middle school who always commented on your flaws and bullied you to tears.  Those people never leave you alone do they?  They just find a different form of harassment that is more private than public.  This article took a very interesting turn as opposed to how I originally planned it would, but it totally makes sense when you think about it.  For those who live for their past Facebook posts, enjoy the moment.  MySpace is calling.


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