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The Rebirth Of Lady Gaga!


It happened quite slowly, but Lady Gaga has completely reinvented her image and gave rebirth to her career.  Way back in 2013 many fans were upset after Lady Gaga’s 4th studio album, the underrated ARTPOP, failed to match the success of her prior albums in terms of sales and critical acclaim.  It seemed as if many fans had decided to jump ship, but those who stuck around are sure glad they did.  Those who are loyal till the end are always rewarded in my book, and this is exactly what is happening with the truest of Little Monsters, Lady Gaga’s name for her fanbase.


It all started with the Oscars.  It was announced, to the surprise of some, Lady Gaga was to perform at the 2015 Academy Awards Ceremony.  Many wondered what she would be performing while others were quite critical of the choice.  It was finally revealed Lady Gaga would be performing a medley from the classic movie, Sound Of Music.  No one knew quite what to expect, unless like me you know what an incredible voice she’s always had.  The big night finally arrived and not only did she nail her performance, she brought down the house.


That night Lady Gaga silenced a majority of her critics, and gained many news fans.  These were not your ordinary fans; they were people who were critical of Gaga in the past.  It was truly an amazing night to be a little monster.  The momentum of the Oscars continued when advertisements for the new season of popular horror drama American Horror Story began to circulate online.  Lady Gaga had a starting role in the new season, her first major lead acting role, and everyone was wondering how she would do.


Last October, season five of American Horror Story aired to positive reviews from critics and applause, slightly a reference, from fans.  Lady Gaga’s portrayal of The Countess was well received among critics and the most critical of fans.  Later that year she would go on to be nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance on the television series.


Fast forward to January 2016 when at the Golden Globe Awards, Lady Gaga wins Best Actress in a Limited Series.  Not surprising at all to her fans, but many were stunned when she took home the trophy.  She gave a moving speech, but all people could talk about was the moment you see above.  As she was walking to the stage she had to go through a crowded path littered with celebrities.  When she went by actor Leonardo DiCaprio she touched him to get by, and he then proceeded to give a very GIF-worthy face to the camera.  This moment set the internet on fire and quickly went viral for days to come.


Four days after the Golden Globes, the Academy Award nominations were announced.  Lady Gaga and collaborator Diane Warren were nominated for best original song for their song, “Til It Happens To You,” from the movie The Hunting Ground.  The emotional anthem deals with the aftermath of suffering sexual abuse, something Lady Gaga has suffered through as well.


Sometime later it was announced Lady Gaga would sing the Nation Anthem for the Super Bowl.  Once again, many people were critical of the choice and worried she would act somehow inappropriate.  Lady Gaga quickly showed the haters how wrong they were when she took the stage and nailed an incredibly moving and powerful performance of, “The Star Spangled Banner.”  Critics and fans compared her jaw-dropping live performance, many in the past have pre-recorded their vocals, to Whitney Houston’s powerhouse performance some years ago.


One week later, Lady Gaga was slated to perform at the Grammy Awards.  No one quite knew what she would perform at first, but it was advertised as a innovative performance using technology.  Her performance ended up being an awesome tribute to the recently deceased musician David Bowie.  Lady Gaga performed some of his classics with the help of a live band and technological engineers from computer corporation, Intel.  Once again, the performance was a huge hit among critics and fans alike.  Tributes can be risky and must be done in the right and respectable way.  She hit the ball out of the park with this one.


Now the Oscars were coming around again.  It had been a year since Lady Gaga’s legendary Sound Of Music performance.  This year she was nominated for best original song with Diane Warren and was set to perform the song, “Til It Happens To You,” live.  She took the stage after being announced by Vice President Joe Biden and once again wowed the crowd.  Not only was her performance vocally superb, it was emotional and raw; she finished the song surrounded by survivors of sexual abuse.  I honestly have a hard time thinking about it right now without tearing up; it was such a moving performance.  She didn’t end up winning the Oscar for best original song but won the hearts and respect of many people.


Following the Oscars, most of the Gaga talk now surrounded the rumors of her upcoming fifth studio album.  The singer hasn’t released a pop album since 2013; she released a jazz album with Tony Bennett in 2014 which earned her a Grammy Award.  The internet excitedly speculated about what was next for their Mother Monster, but one day we knew exciting things were on the way.  Lady Gaga began to post more frequently on her Twitter and Instagram accounts regarding the recording of new music, and she was pictured, above, looking to be in full “pop mode.”


In the next couple weeks we finally had an official announcement.  The first single from Lady Gaga’s upcoming fifth studio album was called, “Perfect Illusion,” and it would be dropping very soon.  Excited fans couldn’t contain the joy they felt as their queen was finally ready to make her grand return to music.  When “Perfect Illusion” was released on September 9th, Lady Gaga made her full transition into her rebirthed form.  The song is a more raw, rockier sound than fans are used to, but it’s totally a hit.  Imagine a 80’s power ballad mixed it was classic Gaga style; it’s an undeniable breakup anthem for the internet age.

“The phoenix must burn to be reborn.” – Janet Finch, ” White Oleander.”


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