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“American Horror Story” Season 6 Reaction!

Photo Credit: FX Network

Can you believe it’s season 6 already?  All of the lead up to the season premiere of “American Horror Story” has been very open ended and conflicting.  This week we learned it has all been a perfect illusion, Lady Gaga reference.  All of the trailers and promotions up to this point have been misleading on purpose to throw people off regarding the actual premise of season 6.  As I was looking online and talking to friends about the big event tonight, I heard many different theories about the show’s premise.  I heard, to some excitement, the season will focus on aliens.  I’m a huge fan of aliens so this would be awesome as far as I’m concerned.  Then I heard they would be telling the story of the Manson family with Evan Peters portraying Charles Manson.  The mystery and confusion had seemed to reach a fever pitch right before the show premiered.

Warning!  Spoilers ahead!

The first episode begins with series regular Lily Rabe talking about something she and her husband had experienced.  As the episode goes on we learn so far the show is being filmed narrative style with actors portraying the real people involved in a sort of reenactment show.  Think of something you would watch on the Destination America channel about being haunted by some sort of evil spirits.  As the “real people” involved in the events narrate the show, we are introduced to the “fictional character” version of the story.  Don’t worry; it isn’t as complicated as it is to describe in this article.  We see Sarah Paulson portraying Lily Rabe’s character in the dramatization of the events.  Her husband is being portrayed by Cuba Gooding Jr, and his sister is portrayed by the exceptional Angela Bassett.  So far these are the only main characters we are introduced to in the first episode.  No glimpses of fan favorite Evan Peters or Lady Gaga, but you know they will be there.

As the story starts to take shape we learn the husband and wife were attacked in Los Angeles.  After suffering serious injuries they decided to make a fresh start in a small community in North Carolina.  One day they stumble onto an enchanting old farm house deep in the country.  They decide to make an offer and purchase the property to the chagrin of some locals.  I won’t go into full detail, you need to watch the show for that, but as you can expect many strange things start happening.  As they are a bi-racial couple, they soon begin to realize the hillbilly locals may be out to get them.  The occurrences begin to get more frequent as Cuba Gooding Jr’s character leaves on business for a few nights.  He invites his sister, played by Angela Bassett, over to stay with his very frightened wife.  The events that follow confirm their fears and lead to many more questions to be answered in future episodes.

My initial impression of season 6 is very positive.  So far it reminds me a great deal of the earlier seasons.  In my opinion, last season’s hotel was a little too much for my taste and lacked the basic horror elements of the first season.  This season seems to be exactly what I’ve been waiting for.  There was a lot of intensity and suspense along with a couple of great scares.  To be honest I actually jumped during one of the scares, but I won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t watched yet.

For the first time in a few season I can’t wait until next week’s episode.  What did you think of the first episode of season 6?  Leave a comment and let me know.


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